White Moth Vintage Painting: Gothic Wall Art

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Material: Art Poster
Size: 18″ x 12″
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Unveiling the Mystery: White Moth Vintage Painting Goth Wall Art

Embrace the Allure of Gothic Mystery

Are you beckoned by the alluring whispers of the Gothic? Does the ethereal beauty of a white moth fluttering amidst a hauntingly romantic garden ignite your imagination? Then step into a world of whimsical shadows with this captivating White Moth Vintage Painting Goth Wall Art.

A Portal to a Bygone Era

This enchanting piece is more than just a decoration; it's a portal to a bygone era, steeped in the mysteries of Victorian Gothic art. A white moth, its delicate wings catching the moonlight, takes center stage. Its presence is both captivating and otherworldly, a symbol of transformation and the secrets that lie hidden in the night.

Dark Cottagecore Meets Romantic Goth

Surrounding this spectral moth is a breathtaking display of dark cottagecore flora. Romantic Goth ornate flowers, rendered in a captivating vintage style, unfurl their velvet petals. Each bloom is a study in macabre magnificence, their intricate details hinting at a world both beautiful and slightly unsettling.

The Perfect Whimsigoth Masterpiece for Your Home

This Whimsigoth masterpiece is the perfect addition for those who embrace the dichotomy of light and dark. It's ideal for adorning a Gothic-inspired living room, casting an otherworldly glow on your bookshelf, or creating a hauntingly beautiful statement piece in your bedroom.

Framed or Unframed: Create Your Darkly Romantic Haven

Available framed or unframed, this White Moth Vintage Painting Goth Wall Art allows you to curate the perfect atmosphere for your darkly romantic haven. So, don't resist the call of the shadows any longer. Add this captivating piece to your cart and let the Gothic mystery unfurl in your home.

Canvas Framed / Unframed:

❥ 100 % Cotton

❥ 400 gsm

❥ Wood Frame in Walnut or Black

❥ Canvas sizes: 18"x12",  24"x16", 30"x20", 36"x 24" 

❥ Stretched Canvas is 1.25" deep

❥ Canvas comes with hanging hardware for effortless installation

❥ For indoor use only


Satin Art Poster: 

❥ 210 gsm satin paper

❥ Low Glare Finish

❥ No Frame

❥ Canvas sizes: 18"x12", 30"x20", 36"x 24" 


--Designed by Durazza

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