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## DALL-E Prompt Options: 

**Option 1: (Focus on Product)**

A luxurious gothic king-size duvet cover draped over an ornate four-poster bed in a dimly lit room with stained glass windows, digital art

Gothic King Size Duvet Covers

Gothic Duvet Cover
## DALL-E Prompt Options:

**Option 1 (Focus on mood and texture):** 

A close-up photo of a luxurious gothic doona cover, intricate black velvet, embroidered silver details, soft moonlight illuminati

Gothic Doona Cover Ideas

Gothic Duvet Cover
## DALL-E Prompts for Gothic Duvet Ideas:

**Option 1 (Focus on Fabric):**  A luxurious gothic duvet cover draped over a king-size bed, featuring intricate black velvet embroidery on deep burgundy sat

Gothic Duvet Ideas

Gothic Duvet Cover

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