Women's Profile DIY Bookmark Diamond Painting Kit

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This diamond painting kit is a picture of a women's side profile. She has a beautiful pink, blue and gold headwrap with a black shirt and pearl necklace. These headwraps have many different names around the world. In Nigeria, the Yoruba call their wraps geles. The Ghanaian refer to theirs as dukus. Doek is the name for them used by Namibian and South African women. 

These diamond painting kits are great for book lovers and anyone that wants to use their creative brain. * Please note this is not a finished product it is a do-it-yourself kit*.

These diamond painting kits make the perfect gift for any time of the year. 

Included in Kit:
Leather Bookmark
Size is - 21*6 cm or 8.27 x 2.36 in
Colored Diamonds
Drill Pen


  • How To Use

    Unpack box
    Take out painting
    Remove part of the cover on painting
    Choose a color to start with
    Place that color into tray
    Use the pen and push it into the wax
    Take the pen and push onto diamond
    Place diamond onto corresponding letter, number or symbol

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