Differences in Diamond Painting Wax

Differences in Diamond Painting Wax

When I first started diamond painting I thought that there was only one type of wax, light pink. Then after a couple doing a couple of diamond paintings, I received one with blue wax. Hmm.. well this is fun switching up the colors. At that time I had no idea that there was a difference in the types of wax depending on their color. Then the more I looked into things, I realized, oh wow there are different types of wax and replacement wax products that could be used.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Light Pink Wax - This is one of the most common types of wax seen in diamond painting kits. This wax tends to fall out of the drill pen quite often and it also more likely than the rest to leave little pieces of wax behind on the drills after placement.

  • Dark Pink / Red Wax - Another one of the more common types of wax. It is a bit better than the light pink wax and does not have as many little pieces left over. It also tends to stick better in the drill pen, which means less time dipping your pen into the wax.

  • Blue, White, Yellow, Purple Wax - As for these types of waxes this category of colors I find they are the best to work with. The last the longest in the drill pen and leave the least amount of wax behind. I really cannot tell the difference between the four. (If anyone knows the difference between these four colors please feel free to leave it in the comments below the blog. We are always looking to learn more.)

  • Blue Tac - Do you guys remember in elementary school how all the teachers would hang up posters with this blue sticky stuff? Well, that is blue tac and it can work very well with diamond paintings. After many trial and errors with the colored waxes, I figured I'd give the blue tac a try and I found that it can be useful at times and a pain in the butt other times. So using blue-tac in the tip of my drill pen for single-use application was a pain, the drills stuck to the pen too well and made it hard to let go of the drill after it was placed. There were times I had it lined up perfectly and when I go to remove the pen the drill would come with it. Using it on the opposite side of the drill pen with the multi drill applicators I found this extremely useful. Don't forget I still had the issue with the drills sticking too well. So what I do is I place a layer of blue-tac in the multi drill applicator and after I add another layer by dipping it into either dark pink or blue wax. This allows me to keep the dark pink / blue wax securely in the pen for a very long amount of time but gives me the flexibility of placing my drills easily. This was many trial and error playing with the blue tac myself. (If you have any other shortcuts or hints feel free to leave them in the comments below)

  • Handmade Wax (like found on Etsy) - This is a new wax in my world. Since diamond painting is still so new to a craft, crafters all around the world are finding new and improved ways to make this craft a bit easier. So far I love the handmade wax, it is usually homemade (not sure how) and soft. I like it because it usually comes in a tin and it is very simple to stick your drill pen in quickly without having to worry about it falling out. Some of these waxes even come scented. I have to admit having a scented one during the Holiday season is really nice. Other times of the year I feel the scent can be too much and I get tired of it easily. Now the only thing I am seeing and have not tried is people are now adding sparkles, glitter, and little things into the wax. I am not sure how well this will work. I just think that having a sparkle stuck in your drill pen may cause an issue picking up the drills or even the sparkles falling and sticking to the canvas making it difficult to place the drills on top of them. (If anyone has tried these let me know what you think).

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